What is Covered by Your RV Insurance?

Comprehensive, collision, replacement cost, deductibles? The languages of RV insurance can be confusing, but here at RVsurance we want you to know what coverages you need and how they protect you while you enjoy your RV or motorhome. This article will explore basic coverages and then get into coverages that are unique to the RV industry.

Types Of Standard Coverages

  • Collision Coverage

Your collision coverage protects you and/or your lender’s financial interest in your unit in case it collides with another vehicle or object. Deductibles for the collision peril can range from zero-dollar deductibles to $2,500 depending on the carrier and the state. This is an important coverage to purchase and may be required by your bank if you have financed your RV or motorhome.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

Your comprehensive coverage protects against accidents and incidents that do not involve colliding with another vehicle or object. Animal strikes, wind and hail, and theft would be covered depending on the policy terms and conditions. An important thing to remember is that normal wear and tear and mechanical breakdown is not covered by your RV insurance policy. 

  • Underinsured & Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Underinsured and uninsured motorists can cause havoc on the road. Electing to purchase underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage on your RV insurance policy will cover you if a motorist who does not have enough insurance to cover your injuries and property damage, or a motorist who simply does not have any insurance. Some states and carriers require this coverage while others make it optional. 

  • Roof/Pest Protection Coverage

Some of our carriers offer coverage beyond the collision and comprehensive perils to further protect your financial interests in your unit. Newer units may be eligible for Pest and Roof protection. Pest protection offers coverage if you have damage to your unit from mice, rats, or other non-pet animals. Roof protection can repair or replace your roof in case of sun damage, damaged seals, or even normal wear and tear. Both specialty coverages come with their own deductibles and conditions.


Extra RV Coverages 

Planning your next trip and want to be able to call a tow truck in case of mechanical breakdown? Ask your insurance professional at RVSurance about adding RV towing or roadside assistance to your policy. Our RV insurance carriers have partnered with tow services across the country that are able to handle RV and motorhome towing. This coverage will allow your family to get back on the road quicker after a tow to the nearest qualified repair facility. 

Another coverage that is offered by some of our carriers is Emergency Expense. After purchasing emergency expense coverage with your RV policy, you will be able receive funds for emergency lodging and transportation if your unit is involved in a coverage accident. Terms and conditions apply and there is usually a total limit and a daily limit. 

Considering living in your RV full time or already been doing it for years? Ask your insurance agent about full timer’s coverage. This optional coverage offers additional liability protection like what a homeowner’s policy may offer.  Vacation liability offers similar liability protection as the full timer’s coverage but only for RVers that use their RV less than full time. Liability protection is offered if a visitor is injured at a rented campground or inside your unit. 


Start Saving With RVsurance

Not all RV insurance carriers are the same. Many of our RV insurance carriers offer discounts for good driving, being the original owner, owning a home, and having multiple policies with one RV insurance carrier. Get multiple RV insurance quotes with a few clicks at RVsurance.com. Our knowledgeable and professional insurance agents will find you the coverages that you need to enjoy the open road. 

Open roads ahead, Luke Willis, MBA

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Comprehensive, collision, replacement cost, deductibles? The languages of RV insurance can be confusing, but here at RVsurance …

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