f&i coaching and training

Our goal is to teach your current F&l managers everything they need to know. From analyzing credit reports to understanding the nuances of lender programs and maximizing relationships with them, we equip F&l managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. We also believe in holding F&l professionals accountable by setting achievable goals, and then providing them with the tools to reach them. 

topics you can expect to learn about in our F&I Coaching and Training

Time Management
Effective time allocation for a success F&I deal flow

Lender Programs
Understanding each lenders’ differences;
Strategies for rehashing deals to get more approvals

Better communication with all parties
Tips for clear and efficient communication among all involved departments

Menu selling and optimization
Menu selling Techniques; Optimizing lender guidelines for improved backend deal structures

Excellent csi
Best practices for exceeding customers expectations
Talent acquisition
Strategies and assistance for acquiring and retaining top talent
Robust tracking
Utilizing advanced tracking systems to monitor every aspect of the deal process, from deal flow to production. Ensuring a proactive approach by identifying leading indicators well before potential failures

Andres Camacho

Director of training